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This blog will show the step-by-step experience building my own academic website.

Why you need a website?

How to build a website?

Use github pages to build a website

Build an academic website


Add comment

Today I spent half day to add the comment function to my website. To summarize, I should not use my custom comment script. I should use disqus as the comment engine whichis very beautiful. I thought that disqus may have Ads, but actually the Ads only appears in front of my admin account instead of the website, which is ok.

The reason why I switched to use disqus is fro his web


Why the some pages of the website do not show the comments part even if I added it?

A: you need to wait for some time, maybe longer maybe shorter. About 10 minutes from my experience.

Why sometimes the website is not rendered? just plain text and images without any layout. Like the following image.


Answer: just wait more time and refresh.

How to make github roll back to previous commit?

  1. Github desktop (I downloaded it, but it did not work and I found its functions have been achieved by Pycharm)
  2. Pycharm has the ‘force push’ button but it is grayed out. How to fix it?
    1. Force push is disabled only for protected branches. master is protected by default. The list can be configured in SettingsVersion ControlGit.

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