Latex package system is a shit!

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Latex package system is a shit!

List of latex packages and their main functions

  • graphicx Required for inserting images
  • url for website url
  • multirow for tables
  • authblk for author/affiliation
  • float Improved interface for floating objects
  • hyperref Extensive support for hypertext
  • minted for formating codes
  • amsmath The principal package in the AMS-LATEX distribution. When amsmath is loaded, AMS-LATEX packages amsbsy (for bold symbols), amsopn (for operator names) and amstext (for text embedded in mathematics) are also loaded.
  • subfig Figures broken into subfigures
  • rotating for rotating figures or tables
  • color provides both foreground (text, rules, etc.) and background colour management
  • setspace Set space between lines
  • charter Charter fonts
  • pdfpages Include PDF documents in LATEX
  • listings Typeset source code listings
  • array Extending the array and tabular environments
  • tabularx Tabulars with adjustable-width columns
  • geometry Flexible and complete interface to document
  • tabularray Typeset tabulars and arrays, for ‘tblr’
  • biblatex Sophisticated Bibliographies

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